Turbo-fast wrist warmers with instructions / Turbofast Mittens

The new year is just one month old and Ms. H. has already knitted something ??? It happened like this: My friend Heidi invites you to her birthday and asks: “Are you still knitting?” Me: “Nei…

Knitting pattern Loop from sock wool | Instructions | Finkhof

Leg warmers from "Cool Wool Big" by Lana Grossa – wool design

Seidenfeins blog from the beautiful country life: Giveaway: hand cuffs with pearls and fine crochet lace * Instructions * Giveaway: fingerless gloves with sequins, pailletts and crochet lace & tutorial

How you can easily crochet gauntlets – suitable for beginners.

… for my youngest granddaughter there was already something to see when I converted it into a vase cover for my Friday flowers. …

Lana Grossa knitwear – model package LEG CUPS Cinque Multi (model 6, FILATI Kids No. 8) – Let's go. Do you know where the Faroe Islands are? Imagine knitting is 'popular sport'. In any case, we think the sporty and loose-fitting sweaters are really cool! They are knitted from warm wool, have great patterns and feel very light and cozy. Like the colorful gauntlets. They are also warm, nice and fluffy and just super casual! And not just for girls! 18

Knit gauntlets in ajour pattern – Green Bird – DIY fashion, decoration and interior

Instructions: Knit gauntlets – for boots | buttinette blog

Waffle pattern


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