thick socks

… quickly knitted from miles 6 and 8 times.

Tutorial :: Knit lace braid ::

Table for knitting children's socks in sizes 23/24 to 27/28

Men's socks

Crochet pattern triangular scarf NOFA

Are you still looking for the perfect companion through the cold season? Then I have just the thing for you! Because what could be better than a great self-knitted headband for warm ears? Also as a gift for family and friends, a great alternative to the products from the large well-known business chains. The two variants that I would like to show you here are not only for advanced users

Knit Slippers – Free & Easy Instructions #tejidos With these knitted slippers we can make ourselves really comfortable on the sofa! The slippers are quickly knitted with a thick needle and are also a great gift for your best friend. In the step-by-step instructions you will find a detailed description of all work steps and illustrated with many illustrations … knitting instructions, knitting needles, free of charge, instructions

DIY knitting pattern by Søstrene Grene

Buying wool: cashmere, merino, mohair, cotton – on shelves up to the ceiling, the different yarn qualities are stacked here in numerous shades of color. Often only the main colors can be found in most wool shops, in the sales area of ​​the Hamburg wool factory, the individual gradations are lined up as if on a color scale. A visit to the big warehouse sale …


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