Sukanvarsi Sockenmuster German translation

German translation by strumpfbina.wordp … for the Sukanvarsi sock pattern over a number of stitches divisible by four and 14 rows. Original pattern from helmis00.vuodatus …

Free knitting instructions for beginners: Shawl collar 1 x fixed knit + 3 x differently wearable!

Hosiery wool Regia – sage-color – 4-ply – 100g RollerRoller

Simple and uncomplicated beanie knitting instructions for beginners and professionals alike. A beanie is knitted quickly and always looks good.

Sock toe with the figure of eight (knitted up from the top) – Cast on in eights for toe up-socks

Hosiery wool Regia – green-white-color – 4-ply – 100g RollerRoller

Starlight Soft is the beautiful soft acrylic version of our very popular Starlight yarn. The same reflective thread that you can't feel in the finished product is woven into the yarn.

The edge of the mouse teeth is very suitable for socks and socks of all kinds. The edge is particularly beautiful for summer socks with lace patterns. I usually knit it in combination with two simple …


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