Knitting instructions Llevant by Isabell Kraemer

Whether printed or as a download: Here you get unique instructions such as the knitting instructions Llevant by Isabell Kraemer in German.

Midsummer Night's Dream / Sundowner – Midsummer Night's Dream / Sundowner – #Summer Night's Dream #Sundowner

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No frills sweater

Crochet kids & # 39; Shoes – Free tutorial for Kin / #amp # for # crochet #Kin #children

low carb bread vegan Here I have a delicious low carb bread for you without any animal products. It gets nice and firm and can be cut easily. You can vary the seeds and nuts …

#Instruction # crochet #free #moll minor crochet Free pattern Click to see this portrait. Moll crochet free tutorial The post Mole crochet free tutorial appeared first on DIY Projekte.

ulma: wrap jacket for little earth guests – knitted —- cute – knitted…

Knitting instructions Pink memories by Isabell Kraemer / Pink Memories is knitted seamlessly from above. The front is knitted in garter stitch with a cute patch pocket on the right bottom. The neck shape is knitted in rows, when this is finished the further shoulder part is knitted in rounds as a raglan.

The original instructions can be found on a Finnish knitting page (here) – I have received permission to publish the instructions here in German. In advance it should be said that the …


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