Knit socks like grandma with simple instructions!

Knit socks like grandma with simple instructions!

R 1-5: reM, the envelopes folded (stab in the back) R 6: 2re zu, 1 U R7-8: re M see 1-5 R9: 1 U, 2re zu R10-15: re M R16: li M

Knit socks – you can do it even as a beginner with our instruction guide! Which sock wool, knitting needles, knitting technique? Plus size chart

Sweater, Sienna Sienna

Fingerless gloves taupe with little owls, with pearls, pure organic wool merino, hand-knitted, arm warmers for women, gray

Curve wall hook Normann Copenhagen

“Lazy magic” (socks) – wolletraum's website!

Crochet pattern arm warmers / wrist warmers "Bella"

Handmade – martina fliegauf – #fliegauf #handarbeit #martina – # CrochetFree

Spiral socks are ideal for anyone who wants to avoid knitting a heel. Especially when you start knitting socks, the heel is often quite difficult. With the spiral sock, the simple pattern creates a twist in the knitting that adapts to the foot. I always start my spiral socks with a 2right-2left cuff. (Of course you can …


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