In this guide, I will show you how to use the free sewing pattern …

In this guide, I'll show you how you can sew a great baby hat yourself with the free sewing pattern. Baby hats are a perfect project for beginners and are always a popular gift idea. Take a look around – here are the most beautiful baby hats to sew on! Sew baby hat with free instructions – Sew a baby's first equipment / baby clothes yourself … Babies, free sewing pattern, hat, German … # Instructions

Knitting instructions Pink memories by Isabell Kraemer / Pink Memories is knitted seamlessly from above. The front is knitted in garter stitch with a cute patch pocket on the right bottom. The neck shape is knitted in rows, when this is finished the further shoulder part is knitted in rounds as a raglan.

Freebie knitting instructions, Impromtu hood for baby and child, German translation … –

Knitted scarf cap for babies – Free instructions for beginners –, # Beginners #Instructions #Babies # for

Free instructions in German – crochet doubleface – potholders with shell pattern –

Sew baby bib, sewing pattern for free, Freebook incl. DIY instructions, German

Amigurumi Giraffe Crochet Free & Easy Instructions

Hat – tutorial and link to the instructions (Otto – Pulli Katzen – #Anleitung #Hut # … – #Anleitung #Hut #Katzen

Crochet kids & # 39; Shoes – Free tutorial for Kin – Small balcony ideas, #Balkon # for # crochet #Ideas #Kin


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