Cardigan Knitting Instructions Free Children

Cardigan Knitting Instructions Free Children

Mosaic Cloth Falling – Free Knitting Instructions

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In this free tutorial with pictures we show step by step how to knit cuffs. You can master the autumnal leaf pattern in no time.

Chunky Knit blanket Juna, vegan snow white 130x180cm

Instructions for the best dishcloths and a giveaway –

Sew your pacifier kite The pacifier kite is a friend to love – in all situations. Ingeniously as it is, it can be a pacifier holder, toy, cuddly toy, crackling cloth and burp cloth in one. His back teeth encourage babies to look and feel. Crackling foil in the feet makes little bullies sit up and take notice. If you sew soft molton or terry cloth on the belly side, the kite turns into a burp cloth in the worst-case scenario – and can thus always be at hand to whom

Duck cally

Instructions for a quick and easy DIY baby blanket as a gift for birth


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