Baby shoes "Oscar"

Designer: THE perfect baby shoe guide that really always works and sits well on baby's feet. I found this manual on the Internet in a forum. There it was someone …

Knit gloves: We knit the perfect gloves! This free guide works best!

Silk blend mitts

Hammaburg Knit Docker Hat Knit Hat Men's Hat Winter Hat Wool Hat DockercapHutshoppin

Vicky's Break Bread Pattern | sock-knitvicky

These delicate, fingerless gloves combine the sophistication of simple lace with … #these #simple #fingerless # gloves

Free knitting instructions for a long jacket from the 359 Fano Tweed line. Sizes 36-38, 40-42 and 44-46. The information for sizes 40-42 is in brackets (), for sizes 44-46 in double brackets (()). If there is only one entry, this applies to all 3 sizes. Jacket length approx. 73 cm. Material: LINE 359 FANO TWEED col. 203 (mottled red) 750 g, knitting needles No. 7, 2 push buttons (e.g. from Union Knopf, Art. 19589, col. 22, 25 mm)

epipa: Baby Booties knitting instructions

Instructions: knit bunny


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